Duration: 9 days
Group: 7 people
This sea expedition to the Russian Arctic is for those who is dreaming of distant voyagers and boundless seas like the ones that seafarers and discoverers did, finding new lands and exploring untouched and wild nature. During this expedition we will visit the Vaygach island, get acquainted with the life of indigenous people, visit the Matveev island where we can find one of the world’s largest rookeries of walruses. We will go to distant areas of New Land and meet it’s habitants such as walruses, Arctic foxes, reindeers, polar owls, endless shoals of northern birds and, of course, the masters of Arctic - polar bears!

ITINERARY of the expedition
to Novaya Zemlya

Naryan-Mar. Welcome to the Arctic Circle!
We meet at the airport of Naryan-Mar and head to the expedition base located at the Pechora river estuary (~3 hours by car/speedboat). We have a delicious meal from our chef and after dinner – Russian sauna (aka banya)!
Day 1
Getting up early. Heading to our yacht!
We depart to our new home, the legendary PETER I yacht (~30 minutes journey by speedboat). We'll have a safety briefing and meet the team.
Day 2
First Anchorage - MATVEEV ISLAND
We will see an abandoned meteorological station, 16th century ancient Pomor crosses that used to help with polar navigation, a lighthouse that you can climb, a rookery of walruses. Need to be cautious with these animals, they might seem friendly, but they are still wild animals, we will watch them from a safe distance. After that we are going to Vaygach Island, a place sacred to the Nenets people.

Day 3
Sacred Vaygach Island
Vaygach is an archipelago surrounded by 111 tiny islands and rocks. The Nenets name of the island is ''Habidya-ya", meaning ''sacred land’’. Our route goes along the edge of the Earth, the junction of the Pomor passage to the Siberian seas, it is a sacred place for the indigenous peoples of the North. You will see ancient sites of the Stone Age, wooden huts (izba), hundreds of idols, Pomor crosses – landmarks of Russian shores, traces of sacrifices sites. In the morning we will go ashore and have a walk in the area of the Semilikiy Idol. After that we'll sail to the north of the island, visit walrus rookery and drop the anchor in a cozy bay hidden from all the winds where a real hermit lives. If we are lucky, we'll find him at home!

Day 4
Kara Gate Strait and polar bears
At dawn we set off to the north, crossing the famous Strait of Kara Gates. In the afternoon we reach the village of Rusanovo, inspect well-preserved buildings, and make several landings on the neighboring islands. Novaya Zemlya is a set of islands and deep bays, and our main adventure there is searching for polar bears.

Day 5
Novaya Zemlya skerries
Cruising around the islands, bays, skerries and looking for polar bears.

Day 6
Tundra islands in the south of Novaya Zemlya
We go to the southernmost tip of the archipelago. Here, far away from people, on the Kusovaya Zemlya and on the islands Bolshoy and Maly Loginov there live local deer, wild geese and swans.
Walking carefully and very anxiously - literally under our feet there can be clutches of eggs and chicks. In the evening we go back to the estuary of the Pechora river.

Day 7
Expeditionary base
In the afternoon the passenger boat will take us to the expedition base near the town of Naryan-Mar. We have a rest, share our impressions and spend the night at the base.

Day 8
We get up early in the morning, have a delicious breakfast and leave with a transfer to the airport.
The expedition to the Arctic Circle has come to an end, and now your life will never be the same again!

Day 9
  • Price includes:
    • Accommodation in cabins;
    • Professional sailing team;
    • Shore landings and tours with the dinghy;
    • Bedding and towels;
    • Onboard meals, hot beverages;
    • Fuel and all port dues
    • Permits for entering National park and preserved areas
  • Price excludes:
    • Air fares to and from departure point;
    • Insurance (personal medical, travel, cancellation, etc);
    • Voice and data communication using onboard equipment;
    • Russian visa;
    • Other personal expenses
Getting Ready
Exertion level - low
No age restrictions
Minors must be accompanied by adults
The weather might change from +20℃ in Naryan-Mar to -5o℃ in Novaya Zemlya

Take along:
- Warm fleece clothes and thermal underwear
- Cotton and thermal socks (several pairs)
- Rubber boots with insulation
- Footwear to use on board (crocs)
- Windbreaker jacket, waterproof pants
- Gloves (best 2 pairs)
- Hat (best 2)
- Sunglasses (with rope)
- Personal hygiene items, a towel
- Hand and face cream, sunscreen
- Waterproof cases for photo equipment
- Personal first-aid kit with individual medicines
- Hot tea thermos

(!) Items should be packed in padded bags and backpacks
BOOK YOUR adventure
This expedition takes place in the border area of the Russian Federation, so we need to apply for a special permit for each member of the crew.

The permit preparation time:
· for Russian citizens – 30 business days
· for foreign nationals – 45 business days

Please take that into account while choosing the dates of your expedition

booking 2023
19.09.2023 - 01.10.2023
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