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Ten years ago we set a world record, having sailed on board PETER I around the North Pole in a single summer without icebreaker assistance. Since then polar ice, cold oceans, icebergs, whales and northern lights have become our element, and yachts — our second home. The Arctic and Antarctic are astonishing, wonderful worlds. Let us dive into them together!
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West Greenland
(Disko Bay)
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Novaya Zemlya
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Chilean Fjords
Expedition Dates:
27 February — 12 March 2022
Expedition Dates:
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Expedition Dates:
24.12.21 - 13.01.22 | 15.01.22 - 01.02.22
04.02.22 - 21.02.22 | 23.02.22 - 12.03.22
Expedition Dates:
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Expedition Dates:
A RUSARC flagman, ready for the roughest high latitude expeditions. Built in Magnitogorsk in 1992.
This steel sailboat was built in Plymouth in 1991 for the hardest round-world yacht race against prevailing winds BT Global Challenge.
A classic Dutch sailboat. Designed to go on polar expeditions under any conditions.
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Thanks for my wonderful trip RUSARC! It has been one of the most powerful impressions of my life! And thanks to the captain for fulfilling my greatest dream — the Antarctic! As well as for risking to take me on board with all my requests.
Yana Milanberg
I have just come back from a trip to the Antarctic on RUSARC AURORA. It has been the coolest adventure of my life. It has been a surprisingly comfortable trip in a company of extreme sport adventurers and a very caring crew. I believe such a trip is a must for everyone. Even if you can't afford it, you should look for opportunities, maybe take a loan. This trip will change your life.
Nastya Kolesnikova
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