We have been on more than
100 polar expeditions
in 10 years

Ten years ago we set a world record, having sailed on board PETER I around the North Pole in a single summer without icebreaker assistance. Since then polar ice, cold oceans, icebergs, whales and northern lights have become our element, and yachts — our second home. The Arctic and Antarctic are astonishing, wonderful worlds. Let us dive into them together!
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West Greenland
(Disko Bay)
Expedition Dates:
Booking 2023/2024
Expedition Dates:
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From €30/day
Expedition Dates:
Novaya Zemlya
06.06.2023 — 14.06.2023
15.06.2023 — 23.06.2023
24.06.2023 — 02.07.2023
03.07.2023 — 11.07.2023
Chilean Fjords
Expedition Dates:
21.03.23 — 03.04.23
Expedition Dates:
05.06.23 — 11.06.23
14.06.23 — 21.06.23
23.06.23 — 30.06.23
02.07.23 — 09.07.23
04.12.23 — 21.12.24

12.05.2022 — 18.05.2022
(Saint Petersburg — Petrozavodsk)
19.05.2022 — 26.05.2022
(Petrozavodsk — Belomorsk)
27.05.2022 — 03.06.2022
(Belomorsk — Solovki — Naryan Mar)
Expedition Dates:
25.07.23 — 11.08.23
13.08.23 — 30.08.23
Kuril Islands
Expedition Dates:
22.05.23 — 08.06.23
(Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky — Iturup — Korsakov)
11.06.23 — 23.06.23
(Korsakov — Iturup— Yankicha — Iturup — Korsakov)
26.06.23 — 09.07.23
(Korsakov — Iturup — Yankicha — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky)
Nothern Patagonia
Expedition Dates:
20.09.2022 — 27.09.2022
28.09.2022 — 05.10.2022
06.10.2022 — 13.10.2022
14.10.2022 — 21.10.2022
A RUSARC flagman, ready for the roughest high latitude expeditions. Built in Magnitogorsk in 1992.
This steel sailboat was built in Plymouth in 1991 for the hardest round-world yacht race against prevailing winds BT Global Challenge.
A classic Dutch sailboat. Designed to go on polar expeditions under any conditions.
She was launched by an Italian company Benetti in Viareggio shipyard in 1981. In 2013 the boat was rebuilt from scratch and is now ready for long-lasing polar expeditions.
This is a steel boat launched in Australia. She was built to a design by Ron Holland, a famous ship designer from New Zealand.
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  • Thanks for my wonderful trip RUSARC! It has been one of the most powerful impressions of my life! And thanks to the captain for fulfilling my greatest dream — the Antarctic! As well as for risking to take me on board with all my requests.
    Yana Milanberg
  • I have just come back from a trip to the Antarctic on RUSARC AURORA. It has been the coolest adventure of my life. It has been a surprisingly comfortable trip in a company of extreme sport adventurers and a very caring crew. I believe such a trip is a must for everyone. Even if you can't afford it, you should look for opportunities, maybe take a loan. This trip will change your life.
    Nastya Kolesnikova
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